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If you got a tax problem with IRS and looking for professional tax help our tax attorneys can help you and get your life back!

Got A Tax Problems with IRS? Ask Our Tax Attorneys for Help!

Tax Attorneys of MyTaxProblem.com are committed to helping you end your tax problems! Experienced tax attorneys have consulted thousands of taxpayers about their problems with the IRS. Tax attorneys of MyTaxProblem.com have settled millions of dollars in back taxes using the offer in compromise. We provide tax help in: avoiding wage garnishments and IRS levies, releasing tax liens, filing late tax returns, negotiating offers in compromise and resolving payroll tax problems.

Remember, Anyone Can Have A Tax Problem! How you deal with your problem is up to you.

As a tax attorney, I have personally helped thousands of taxpayers deal with their IRS problems through an offer in compromise or other legal means. If you have a problem with IRS, I can provide personalized, affordable tax help. I help taxpayers file back taxes, negotiate offers in compromise, release tax liens, avoid wage levies and garnishments. As a tax lawyer I work hard to resolve your IRS problems.

If I can help you with your IRS problem, I will. If I feel that I cannot help you with your IRS problem, I will tell you so. No false promises! No sales pitches! No Scare Tactics!

Alex Gluzman, Attorney At Law

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Tax liens, wage garnishments and IRS wage levies can destroy your family's financial stability. Tax Attorneys of MyTaxProblem.com have the experience to shield you from IRS' enforced collections and resolve your tax problems through an offer in compromise or other tax relief programs.

What Our Clients Say:

Thank You for Working so hard on my offer in compromise! You reduced my IRS tax bill from $71,000 to $1,200!


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MyTaxProblem.com is dedicated to one goal, to help ending your tax problems. Our goal is to render tax help, reduce and alleviate your delinquent tax bill.

Whether you owe back taxes, having your wages garnished, or haven't filed taxes in a while, we can probably help you. Since 1997, our tax attorneys have saved millions of dollars in IRS and State taxes, penalties, and interest for our clients. Recent changes in IRS policies have created great opportunities for delinquent taxpayers to get back into the system and end tax problems.

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